Netflix’s Latest Thriller Flop Tops a Lackluster Week for the Platform’s Movies

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Credit: Netflix

It’s been a while since the number of viewers increased netflix We’ve had as many days off as we have this week, but here we are.The most watched movies on the platform this week, according to netflix top 10 It was a poorly received Netflix original, but end of the road – It has just over 30.2 million views.

Starring Queen Latifah, Ludacris plays her brother Reggie The film follows a family’s expedition to immigrate to Texas. They witness a gruesome murder during an overnight motel pit stop. With his boundless wisdom, it would be a great idea for Reggie to pick up a duffel bag full of drug money from the scene to help Brenda’s family during the temporary process after losing her husband. I decided.

What could go wrong?

The above synopsis certainly sounds silly. Critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes I wasn’t kind to the movies, The Tomatometer score is 29% and the audience score is even lower at 17%.Due to the staggering amount of time people spent on film, the film 26 other countries, not just the US.

The last time Netflix saw a quieter week than this was in early May, at which point the hottest flick of the week was 365 days: this day It has just over 27.5 million views.

The top 5 most-watched movies of the week concluded with: Love in the Villa, I Come By, Me Time, When Morbius, in that order. Cinema, right?

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