People Are Already Calling ‘The Depp/Heard Trial’ Biopic ‘Hot Garbage’

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Just months after the Hollywood star’s highly publicized defamation lawsuit ended, a trailer for the biopic has already been released. Hot Take: Depp/Hard Trialswhich many people on social media have declared to be a wholly unnecessary retelling.

Tubi original movie the trailer was dropped on wednesday, has asked many why we need such a film in the first place. This is a particularly prescient question, considering that the film is not a documentary but a dramatic narrative with actors playing the roles of real people at the center of the trial. plays Johnny Depp and Megan Davis plays Amber Heard.

Jeff Bridges’ The Dude GIF gave one Twitter user a confused look. big lebowski It was the only way to summarize their thoughts on this issue.

“They…they…are they making a movie about that Depp/Heard trial?!”

Another commentator wondered just how good the quality of the film really is, given the fact that the trial it was based on just ended in June.

“Of course I don’t mind movies or shows that deal with real events, but it’s too early.”

“You’re kidding! This looks like it was filmed in a high school drama class,” wrote one Twitter user, lamenting that it was so different from the real person the actor was portraying. “What a joke.”

“I can’t believe they’re making an afking movie on the Depp and Heard trial,” another user succinctly stated.

YouTube show creator Andy Signor honest trailerwas too early to declare hot take “Hilarious and bad!”

“To all the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard supporters, I hope you can agree on one thing: This is like hot garbage!”

If you want to roll the dice and check out Hot Take: Depp/Hard Trialscoming to Tubi on September 30th.

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