Ryan Reynolds’ Best-Reviewed Movie Ever Gets Lucky on Streaming

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Via A24

You can’t go back without meeting actors, superheroes, producers, soccer team owners, gin moguls, advertising industry executives, cybersecurity investors, and mobile service providers. Ryan Reynolds These days, the 45-year-old regularly sticks his fingers into more and more pies.

Currently firmly established as one of Hollywood’s biggest, hottest, and highest-paid stars, Reynolds’ bread and butter has been a slick action blockbuster for most of the past decade. did. Ask him to do more than play his extensionIt’s been a while since he ventured into low-budget drama territory, but given 2015’s, it might be something he should try more often. Mississippi Grind It ranks as the most reviewed film of his entire career.

mississippi grind
Via A24

After Ben Mendelsohn’s lifelong gambler experiences a rise of fortune when he meets Reynolds’ charming Curtis, the drama far outstrips all competition from the star’s filmography and impresses on Rotten Tomatoes. 91%. But audiences aren’t all that receptive, and it’s really distasteful to see how much the film dislikes compared to critics.

A 55% user rating from over 5,000 votes on the tally site highlights the big difference. Mississippi Grind While he may be top of the pile of importance, Reynolds has starred in more than 36 film and television projects that have fared well among the general public. did not pay

street flick patrol, Mississippi Grind It sits pretty well at number eight on streamers’ watchlists, proving that people listen to critics after all. Either

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