Super Hero’ Stars Thank Fans for #1 Box Office Status

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Photo by Danny Peterson.

Goku and Vegeta English dub actor Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes thanked its fans for taking the number one spot at the box office the week the animated film debuted.

Sean Schemmel’s Goku and Christopher Sabato’s Vegeta may have taken a backseat super herofor the characters of Gohan and Piccolo to shine as Earth’s saviors over the course of the film, but that didn’t stop the actors from kicking off their panel at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon.

“I would like to thank each and every one of the audience who came to see the new work. Dragon Ball movie […] You guys are number one,” Schemmel said.

“If you don’t see it in theaters, you’re really missing out.

Schemmel further recommended that people see the film, written by original manga artist Akira Toriyama, in theaters because it was “shot in such a cinematic manner”.

“You should see it in theaters at least once,” Savatt added.

Goku and Vegeta took a little back seat super heroThe Saiyan rival-turned-companion finally participated in the long-awaited off-planet sparring match in the movie’s subplot.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes It is a rare feat for the U.S. box office to be an animated film that grossed $21 million when it premiered last month and dominated theater screens in its opening weekend, according to . varietyIn fact, it was the number one movie of the entire week. box office mojo.

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