The Internet Loves You and So Do We

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Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images.

Only one actor in Hollywood has a track record of being a good-hearted man to match his reputation as a top action star. keanu reevesAs such, people on the internet were warmly celebrating Reeves’ 58th birthday on Friday.

In one fan’s Happy Birthday wish, Reeves said, matrix movie and John core Franchises, just to name a few.

If you need more reasons not to mess around with Reeves or mistake his kindness for a weakness, then look no further for the actor to completely destroy an obstacle course of weapons.

“When he’s the sweetest person alive and at the same time is actually the deadliest person alive,” one fan wrote.

Hello Keanu.

official twitter account Bill and Ted face music A fitting tribute to the movie’s star, the gong solo, and all.

“Today we wish Keanu Reeves a wonderful birthday! Party hey! 🎸⚡️.”

The amount of heart emojis this guy gets is staggering. But in practice it is not enough.

Nothing can be more real than a celeb who not only chooses to take the subway instead of riding everywhere in a luxury car, but also offers up his seat for a pregnant woman.

“The kindest soul alive,” wrote one fan.

Johnny Silverhand himself not only elevates every film he touches, but video games as well, during rare but welcome cameos.

The guy plays a lot of “Johns”, we say.

Happy birthday, GOAT.

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