Tolkien Diehards Don’t Want Others To Enjoy ‘The Rings of Power’ Either

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months until the premiere of Lord of the rings: Ring of power It’s filled with backlash against Amazon and the show’s crew. Most critics happen to be of the opinion that Amazon got off to a good start.

Skepticism is so entrenched in online fandom that many tend to believe that Amazon has benefited everyone rather than admit that the ambitious adaptation might have some merit.

Why not compare the Amazons and their boss Jeff Bezos to the Dark Lord himself?

If you think Star Wars Wait until you see how some people refer to Tolkien and his legend.

The current mood in the community can scare new fans who only engage in stories. ring of powerSure, many veterans may find deviations from lore heretical, but is it really that bad to introduce a new generation to the beauty of Tolkien’s work? Even if he was still alive, I don’t think he would have appreciated this level of gatekeeping.

Such is the fate of a fandom that grows too big for any sense of unanimity. Some things stay the same, like the cosmic wizard wielding his laser sword, or the divine spirits roaming the fictional land of song and beauty.

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