A Legacy Avenger Might Just Be Descended From OG MCU Favorite

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The foundations have officially begun to be laid out for the times young avengers It started in the MCU and has already featured a good portion of its members. Now, a fan has come up with an interesting backstory for another famous Young He Avenger in the live-action Marvel universe.

Elijah “Eli” Bradley, also known as The Patriot, may be the grandson of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, according to one Reddit user’s speculation. So far, Eli’s Origin His story has been relatively faithful to the source material, introducing him and his super-his Soldier grandfather Isaiah Bradley. Falcon and Winter Soldier.

According to this take, Marvel may decide to surprise fans by making Eli’s father James Rogers, son of Steve and Natasha, in the comics. will be

In some ways, Steve’s son marrying Isaiah’s daughter would be incredibly cool in a perfect moment kind of way, but fans of the comments were quick to point out one major problem with this scenario. did.

It’s honestly hard to tell if Steve and Peggy’s son can exist in the MCU’s current main universe. There is no doubt that he is a worthy character.

Either way, the Young Avengers are one of Marvel Comics’ most popular teams, and fans are eager to see them brought to life in the MCU.It’s more likely than ever by the number of members who have already made appearances in the franchise.

Tommy and Billy Maximoff Introduced Wanda Visionas well as Kate Bishop HawkeyeKathy Lang apparently finally gets taller Ant-Man & Wasp: QuantumaniasAnd then Miss America America Chavez appeared Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse.

Additionally, Kang the Conqueror, who is expected to become the universe’s main nemesis going forward, also has a relationship with a teenage superhero. Iron Lad).

Sadly, Kevin Feige’s plans for the MCU’s future don’t currently include a Young Avengers project until Phase 6. He hasn’t dismissed the team-up outrightIt’s strange that so many characters are featured.

Only the future will tell what the MCU has in store for both Elijah and the rest of the gang.

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