A Post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi Traverses a Bleak and Dangerous Future on Streaming

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Sci-fi works that are thought-provoking tend to be jumbled all the time.As much as it can put a brilliant new spin on a familiar genre, it can disappear behind itself in the name of leaden pace and existential themes that aren’t as clever as they think they are. Stuff. You could end up feeling like one or the other depending entirely on personal preference Vesper.

An 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes indicates that critics were impressed with the world created by co-writers and directors Kristina Buožytė and Bruno Samper. A desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland called the New Dark Ages.

Via Condor Entertainment

That said, a 67% user rating on aggregation sites and an average of 6.3/10 on IMDb indicates that there is some disagreement about the ranks when it comes to merit. Vesperbut streaming subscribers are willing to take a chance on a lo-fi dramatic thriller that divides opinion.

street flick patrol, Vesper became one of the 10 most-watched movies among US audiences. That’s not bad for an under-the-radar release without much of a marketing campaign. This isn’t a futuristic allegory if you’re after an action and thrilling set piece, but staunch adherents of all of Science His Fiction will enjoy what’s lurking within.

Good directing, well-crafted performances, and stunning visuals make up for what it lacks, and you might want to see more of New Dark Ages before your screen goes black.

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