An Unjustly Ignored Comic Book Bomb Gets the Band Back Together on Netflix

For years, countless insiders and analysts have predicted when the comic book bubble is about to burst, but it hasn’t happened yet. Unfortunately, the downside is that many of the undeservedly overlooked films went unnoticed, exploded at the box office, and then largely fell into oblivion. loser Definitely one of them.

What makes it even worse is that several members of the cast went on to become heavyweights in the Marvel Cinematic Universe shortly thereafter, with Chris Evans playing a key role alongside Zoe Saldana and Idris Elba. is to be watchmen with a veteran Future Thomas Wayne Jeffrey Dean Morgan Stacked ensemble cast headings.

An Unjustly Ignored Comic Book Bomb Gets the Band Back Together on Netflix 3

essentially, loser is full of wildly successful stars in the genre not long after they all appeared together in the same movie.

But it has come to be reassessed as something of an underrated gem, riding a new wave of momentum on Netflix, in which a titular team of elite operatives reunite to take down a common enemy. There are energetic adventures. flick patrol, loser has reached the top 10 spots in multiple countries this weekend and is on the verge of breaking into the top 20 globally.

In a fair world, we would have launched a fun-filled franchise powered by bullets, explosions, and witty banter, but we didn’t. , this is not a bad ending loser” A story all things considered.

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