‘Avatar 2’ Is Even Longer Than We Thought Possible as a ‘Star Wars’ Legend Gets Uncancelled

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As we look back at the past, present, and future of today’s sci-fi movies, we ponder the cult films of 30 years ago, and await the arrival of the most anticipated science. It’s a fictional sequel for 2022.yes the fans have been waiting Avatar: Path of Water 13 years, but surprisingly, director James Cameron’s efforts may end up matching that long wait with its gigantic runtime…

Avatar: Path of Water Not out yet, but already bigger Avengers: Endgame

avatar the way of water
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When Avatar 2 It finally hit theaters in December of this year, and rumors about the movie’s run times began to hit the internet.And whether it’s Marvel’s Infinity He saga He managed to make as much money as the finale, it just might be bigger than that Avengers: Endgame in other ways. According to current information, road of water The run time for bladder rupture is 3 hours 10 minutes. Considering the 2009 movie was about 2 hours and 45 minutes, that number seems very plausible. It’s time to invest in some adult diapers.

Relief, I mean!Yoda’s reputation restored and the true reason for his behavior revealed

Yoda Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
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Hot moment there, it looked like Yoda nearly canceled by Star Wars community jedi story It was revealed that Yaddle speaks like a normal person. obscure, unearthed bits Star Wars Tradition — courtesy of Frank Oz — has now explained the true origin of Yoda’s speech patterns and restored his reputation. Phew.

Are the foundations of a hugely successful franchise really that bad?

clover field
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2008 clover field It takes a lot.Helping you advance your career Batman‘s Matt Reeves kickstarted the sci-fi franchise that continues to this day. JJ Abrams recently teamed up again with Paramount to create the fourth entry in the series. nevertheless Rebel Redditors The alien invasion flick in the found footage boldly suggests that it’s not all it is and doesn’t deserve its reputation. 10 Cloverfield Lane it’s the best one.

This 1990s comic book movie may have been a disaster, but it’s still a cult favorite 30 years later

tank girl
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Despite the reboots of so many old comic IPs, don’t expect any new IPs. tank girl Considering the 1990s Australian sci-fi adventure films were box office flops at the time, the film never made it.Still, its distinctive punk rock sensibility means it has maintained a cult following to this day, with those with long-lasting memories. Celebrate again on RedditHey, it’s not just movies that feel confident casting Ice T as a mutant kangaroo man.

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