‘Black Adam’ Might End Up Saving the DCEU, but That’s Not Enough for a Lot of Fans

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black adam Dwayne Johnson’s superhero passion project is set to land in cinemas tomorrow. , Johnson and DC Extended Universe Backers are starting to look like more than enough to make the film great.

but even if black adam Fulfilling his destiny as a future DCEU linchpin means nothing to fans who still have a Zack Snyder-shaped hole in their hearts.

Apparently, any time the DCEU is heavily hyped, it’s the perfect time to shout out for a Snyderverse restoration. On the other hand, is there ever a perfect time?

This was one of the trending DC-related topics on Twitter early last night, alongside Batgirl and Deathstroke, but surprisingly no release tomorrow.

If this continues, Snyder himself may have to put in month of rebellionFilming has been put on hold to get the gears back on the Justice League.

Or at least, his fans continue to seek every reason to speculate about such a possibility.

However, Snyderverse may depend on black adam more than we think. If fans somehow end up writing off Teth-Adam’s debut escape, there may be no DCEU for the Snyderverse to live in, but perhaps that’s exactly what Snyder’s faithful want.

black adam It will be released in theaters on October 21st.

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