‘Black Adam’ Star Admits a Fan Favorite DC Hero Was Intentionally Omitted

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For a sizable subset of DC fans, the most exciting black adam Rather than its famous star, , is the introduction to the Justice Society of America, where the comic book universe’s first team of superheroes finally makes its film debut. Still, their roster includes legends like, Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan)one character who seems a natural fit for this film stands out by their absence.

while talking to The Direct Before the movie arrives in cinemas next weekend, Aldis Hodge, who’s starring as the immortal winged warrior Hawkman opposite Dwayne Johnson’s Tess Adam, explained why Carter Hall’s wife, Hawkgirl I was asked if it wasn’t part of the JSA. black adamHodge admitted that having Kendra Sanders in the mix would have been “great” as well, but the decision to leave her out of the story was very “intentional” and bigger plans are in the works here. Alluded to something. He explained:

“Oh, I can’t really talk about that. You can explore many paths, but they all have a meaning and a purpose.”

In other words, DC wants to save some goodies for the sequel, so they don’t want to give us all the treats right now. Origin of Hawkman and Hawkgirl The characterization has changed a lot over the years, but it usually comes as a package deal, so keeping Kendra out of the DCEU for so long would be a serious oversight. as a status Justice League The anime series means there are a lot of Hawkgirl fans.

Still, the lack of Hawkgirl in this movie is probably bearable. black adam It’s set to include so many other gifts for DC diehards. The worst kept secret in the entire franchisewitness the rise of black adam When you step into a movie theater from October 21st.

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