DC Dissenters Don’t Exactly Share Gal Gadot’s Enthusiasm for ‘Wonder Woman 3′

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Gal Gadot began promoting to DC fans that Diana Prince would be returning in the sequel. Wonder Woman 1984. The film has yet to begin production and is set to begin filming in 2023 with a final theatrical release in 2024. According to the actress wonder woman 3 It would be “worth the wait,” but DCU proponents aren’t convinced.

The last time we saw the title hero, she was able to avert a major crisis by defeating Maxwell Lord and Barbara Minerva. But after losing again the love of her life, Steve Trevor, she was heartbroken. Her first movie had fans wanting to know more about her superhero in her latest DCU, but 1984 It left a sour taste. Everything from thin storylines and nonsensical plots to the problematic way Steve returns in the body of a random, innocent man who doesn’t realize what’s going on has drawn criticism.

So it’s understandable why fans are having a hard time digesting Gadot’s fervent praise for the upcoming sequel in chat. addition“I can tell you the story is incredible… just hang on, it’ll be worth the wait,” she shared.

Some people are more optimistic and ready to believe that the ongoing Wonder Woman arc will be fixed in the third film.

It was recently announced that James Gunn would head the DCU going forward.Fans deeply disappointed by Patty Jenkins’ opinion 1984, I hope the filmmakers imbue his magic into the sequel.

Some have apparently given up all hope. wonder woman movie.

Of course, people aren’t ready to forget that the DCU kicked the importance of consent out the window in planning how to bring Steve back.

No matter how much we divide, the fact remains the same wonder woman 2 The first installment of 2017 proved a definite winner as DCU scrambled to find that balance.impossible for fans No We hope Jenkins proves the naysayers wrong with an epic sequel 1984.

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