Dwayne Johnson Moderates Two ‘Black Adam’ Funko Figures in a Superhero Debate

Being a superhero is tough. Most people think of it as punching bad guys and stopping crime, but has anyone ever thought about the ethical implications of this job? black adam Star, dwayne johnson A debate has settled over whether superheroes need to kill and destroy so many lives to save the world. is.

In a video published by CBRJohnson said that the characters of Black Adam and Hawkman are the respective actors Johnson and Aldis HodgeBlack Adam argued that destruction is “inevitable” when saving the world. On the other hand, Hawkman argued that it is also important to have compassion and a moral code if you want to be a superhero.

It is unclear who won the debate, but the new black adam This movie keeps us thinking about the ethics of being a superhero. DC tends to tackle these sorts of questions in its movies.most notably Batman v Superman Dawn of Justicemultiple news reports and commentators questioned whether Superman was someone who wanted to do good, or an uncontrollable god.

This moral argument about compassion and destruction black adamthe film will be released in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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