Emily Blunt Wants What the Fans Want When It Comes to the MCUs Reed Richards

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Emily Blunt asked her opinion on her husband’s future John Krasinski We tease the future of Reed Richards in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Krasinski’s arrival as eternal fancast Mr. Fantastic shocked many Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiversehe appeared as part of Earth-838’s vile and largely useless Illuminati. I’ve been wondering what’s next for the Fantastic Four.

Krasinski’s short performance wasn’t overly compelling in between crazy multiverseHis wife told HeyUGuys about Krasinski getting the role, expressing that he’s a big fan of the Marvel Universe. .

“I was really happy for him because I think he’s a huge fan, and I understand why it’s such a passionate religion for people. It’s now our movie.” It’s a big part of history, so he was excited.”

When asked about Krasinski’s future in the role, and recounting how excited fans were about his portrayal, Brandt seemed to believe there was something that had yet to come from her husband. Well, I hope so, I hope so, you never know.”

It’s far from confirming the return, but it’s adding fuel to the fire. fantastic four rumor factory. One of his strengths in Marvel’s new obsession with the Multiverse is that multiple actors can play the same role. One of his names speculated to star as Richards in the upcoming film is Penn He Badgley, who has headed the drama. You are for the four seasons.

of fantastic four The date sees a pushback and is set to hit theaters on February 14, 2025.

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