Fans Demand an Iconic Scream Queen Gets the Credit She Deserves

Jason Mendes/Getty Images for Netflix

Heather Langenkamp Known for its horror genre.Her first horror film was the 1984 movie a nightmare on elm street She played the role of Nancy Thompson. Interestingly, she starred in Francis Ford Coppola’s hit. Outsider In 1983, however, her scenes were deleted. However, she went on to earn an additional 49 acting credits, and recent fans say she never gets the credit she deserves as the iconic “Scream Queen.” It didn’t matter because most of them are terrified because they have problems.

This is a big shoutout from @butchyeugene on Reddit, and the comments are flying in as fans come out of the woodwork to agree.Recommended by most of her fans midnight clubshe currently stars in several roles as Dr. Georgina Stanton, Detective Black, Detective Fisher, and The Devil.

I have an idea now.cast her american horror story She shone as a scream queen in front of millions of fans. That might give her the renewed attention any horror veteran deserves.

Her fan @radriggg has put his thoughts on the matter on a limb. Rather than comparing Jamie Lee Curtis to Langenkamp, ​​she’s saying she outperformed her own performance. I don’t know how many fans agree, but it shows the love she’s receiving these days.

This fan joins the conversation and brings it all together perfectly. Langenkamp doesn’t get the credit she deserves because Hollywood doesn’t accept her like Jamie Lee Curtis, whose parents are actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. I was born into a certain Hollywood scene. If that’s not enough to propel an actress to stardom, then nothing.

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