Henry Cavill Says Superman Won’t Stop Him From Joining the MCU as Doctor Doom’s Debut Looms

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever officially held its red carpet premiere. They promise it will be a worthy follow up Honor the memory of Chadwick Boseman.But there are many other things going on marvel From Henry Cavill teasing that an MCU role isn’t impossible to confirming that the long-awaited villain will finally crawl out of Hell, it’s the universe at the moment.

James Gunn may push Henry Cavill to straddle both DC and Marvel

Superman Man of Steel Henry Cavill
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DC fans will love it He’s officially back as Supermanbut Marvel enthusiasts, who are also part of Henry Cavill, are mourning the loss of what could have been a great coup for the MCU. man of steel The star admitted he hasn’t ruled out working at House of Ideas just yet. I commented. “If James Gunn can do it, maybe I can too.”

Doctor Doom is black panther 2 A scene after the credits?Click here for the voice of the cast

Doctor Doom Fantastic Four 2005 1
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Not content to kick Namor out of the movie, Marvel loyalists want it as well black panther 2 Find Doctor Doom’s location. Specifically, there are rumors that he could appear in the post-credits scene. So is there any truth to this?Asked by Jimmy Kimmel Wakanda Forever Cast about this during a recent appearance on his talk show, and while they play coy about the concept, Danai Gurira Cheerful responses to questionsWe are not far from knowing for sure…

Forget Matt Murdock, it’s almost confirmed that the real-life demon will finally make his MCU debut

mephisto marvel comics
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This is Phase 4’s longest running gag. Wanda Vision To She-Hulkfans have been convinced of that every step of the way Mephisto was supposed to appearBut as you know, all prayers (to Satan) may have paid off. Because it looks like Lord of Hell is finally about to debut in an amazing place.trusted word has it Mephisto appears iron heartback up previous reports None other than Sacha Baron Cohen (not) was secretly cast in the role. yes!

Kevin Feige sets heartbeats by promising that the X-Men are ‘close’

deadpool 2 x-men
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Proving that life imitates art Kevin Feige, his AI alter ego Kevin, Jen Walters She-Hulk While participating in Finale: When Will the X-Men Come Here? black panther 2 Premiere, Marvel Prez Dropped an intriguing hint Mutants are ‘coming closer’ at this point, with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine joining Ryan Reynolds deadpool 3There are no reboot movies in the books yet, but we’ll pick up what we can get.

Marvel’s news engine never stops, so come back tomorrow for a roundup of the latest updates.

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