Jamie Lee Curtis Imagined an Entire Backstory for a Pair of Key ‘Halloween Ends’ Characters

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Actors know they are dedicated to their characters as they build a hefty ancillary headcanon for them to guide them into unique lives. There was not Jamie Lee Curtis was dedicated to Laurie Strode, the longtime protagonist of . Halloween Considering she’s been portraying the character for 44 years, the franchise.

Yet, 44 years later, Curtis still manages to find new ways to add depth to the final girl queen.

in an interview with screen rantCurtis recalled the organic chemistry she caused with Will Patton, who plays Deputy Frank Hawkins in Greens Halloween The trilogy will lead her to a particularly creative development. It turns out that the unfolding in question was not only that Laurie and Frank were ex-lovers, but the idea that Frank is the father of Laurie’s daughter Karen. halloween kills.

That sequence was the first day I worked with Will. Coming up on set and doing that scene, I remember this wonderful feeling with Will. we didn’t know each other. I literally said, “Hi, I’m Jamie.” Boom, let’s do a scene.

“I think he’s Judy Greer’s father,” I said. I think Laurie Strode used to get drunk in bars. I think she had sexual conflicts with a lot of people. I don’t think she knew who the biological father of her child was when she got pregnant. And I said to David, “I think it was Frank.”

And it almost seemed to come true in the script killbut fell short of Curtis’ imaginary backstory.

i’m reading the script [for Halloween Kills] There’s a scene where Frank is rushed to the hospital, and there’s a ‘remember that night at the bar? And I thought I’d have a moment to say, “I think you’re Karen’s dad!” But he said, “I wanted more. We kissed. I wanted more, but we didn’t.”

Nonetheless, she happily let this explanation come full circle, explaining how Laurie and Frank’s rendezvous came out of the chemistry that met Patton in 2018, even though it wasn’t what Curtis had in mind. I pointed out Taka.

All of it builds organically when the two actors meet. You feel and David writes that relationship. I don’t think it was the intention of the three movies that Laurie and Frank have this!

halloween ends It’s currently playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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