Kevin Feige Calls Dibs on Everything Since 1998 While Ant-Fans Fear the Worst

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Another day, and another countless tweets circling around Marvel Cinematic Universe It has captured the attention and imagination of fans around the world.Interesting thoughts have been pondering whether or not every Marvel movie will ever be released since. blade Technically part of the MCU, but leaked Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumanias Trailer scares Scott Lang supporters everywhere, another 20th Century Fox alum expresses their interest deadpool 3.

Are all Marvel movies post?blade Is it technically part of the MCU?

Blade II
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A very interesting question was recently posed by the Marvel fandom asking if they’ll be returning as variants of Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse When deadpool 3 Produced all 13 films for 20th Century Fox x men A series part of the MCU by infiltration.

The discussion goes a step further, with favorites like Wesley Snipes’ Blade, Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson’s Punisher, and Tim Story’s Fantastic Four line-up. I wondered if I would receive the same treatment. Assume that almost one of them has (or will have) a 616 doppelganger.

That would give Kevin Feige a multi-dimensional exclusive of basically every Marvel-related thing that has appeared since 1998. Anything that happened in any of these movies is directly or indirectly mentioned. It’s admittedly tied to the official MCU canon in some way, whether or not it’s.

Don’t they kill the sexiest man alive?

antman endgame
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when you are already very worried Something as harmless as a low-res screen grab Made the rounds online in the wake of D23, Hart has officially gone into the mouth following a leak across the board Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumanias A trailer shown “exclusively” to those who attended D23… And now anyone with an internet connection.

When Scott Lang tries to defy Can the Conqueror, there’s real fear that he’ll meet his maker, but the sexiest man in existence, Paul Rudd, is alive. is at least Avengers: Kang Dynastyeven if the score must be settled in advance secret wars He must escape his threequel alive.

another dead pool Veterans want to join threequel

deadpool ajax
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No casting news for deadpool 3 Hugh Jackman’s eye-popping return as Wolverine would come closer, but first chapter villain Ed Skrein has admitted it Ajax had Marvel Studios come knocking, and he’d be happy to reprise his role..

He says he’s perfectly happy leaving it once and for all, but he’s intricately familiar with villainy lore that good old Francis once tricked Death into siding with Wade Wilson. I’m keenly aware of the fact that I’ve lost my temper.

The train never stops, so check back tomorrow for another day’s roundup of all things Marvel.

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