New ‘Knives Out 2’ Teaser Confirms Theatrical, Netflix Release Dates

Image via Netflix

long-awaited Glass Onion: A Knife Out Mysterythe sequel to Rian Johnson’s beloved predecessor of the same name knife outnow there are not one, but two less mysteries surrounding it.

Thanks to a brand new teaser trailer released on the film’s official Twitter page, you can mark your calendars on November 23rd, when the film begins its one-week theatrical run, and on December 23rd, the same day a month later. became. 23:00 glass onion It finally lands in Netflix’s permanent home.

The nuances behind Rian Johnson’s sophomore entry knife out The franchise has been deliciously peeling for a while.The very idea of ​​following the critically acclaimed 2019 film, albeit difficult, was welcome news to nearly everyone. A treasure trove of movie castsconsisting of Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista and, of course, Daniel Craig, the lone returnee from the original film, once again portrays the enigmatic investigator Benoit Blanc. increase.

actually, more teasers The movie manages to escape before it gets too deep into spoiler territory, but this one, while it succeeds in keeping us in the dark, is a fun piece of trivia that could work very well into the plot. provide. Miles Bronn, Edward Norton’s tech billionaire character and presumably the host of the party where the murder took place, apparently intended the party to have a murder mystery theme. It remains to be seen how or in what way it will affect our recent predicament.

Glass Onion: A Knife Out Mystery will begin a short run in cinemas on November 23rd before being released on Netflix as a Christmas treat on December 23rd.

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