One of Joss Whedon’s Many Enemies Says He Makes Movies For ‘Geeks and Morons’

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Former Hero of the Otaku Community Joss Whedon Over the decades, it has endured an astonishing and justifiable fall from grace. Shock behind the scenes revealed dates back to his time in terms of his actions and actions buffy the vampire slayer.

countless former collaborators Foreshadowed a damning accusation of a once-thriving filmmaker Created some beloved TV shows and directed the first two shows the avengers A movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that Justice League debacle i saw Ray Fisher makes a series of accusations He continues to demand an apology to this day.

One of the many enemies Whedon made along the way was Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who took command. Alien: ResurrectionThe two have been known to occasionally throw verbal thorns in each other’s direction after decisively failing to meet eye-to-eye while working on their sci-fi sequel. Amelie Helmer took things a step further by completely incinerating his nemesis in an interview. Independent.

“I know Joss Whedon has said bad things about me. I don’t care. If Joss Whedon had made the movie himself, it would probably have been a huge success. He’s an American geek.” He’s good at making movies for Marvel, because he’s so good at making Marvel movies, and I hate movies like this, it’s so stupid, so stupid.

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In June’s defense, Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Dollhouse, Forest Cabin, AvengersWhen age of ultron Whedon was at his best when it came to producing small and big screen content for the so-called “American geeks.” of course, was effectively blacklisted after his true nature was exposedit is no longer a question the French have to worry about.

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