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House of the Dragon Continuing the treat with the audience, game of thrones Give it a name and announce to the world, in no uncertain terms, that this old pop culture beast still has life.If you’re wondering how they did it, the title’s new companion book House of the Dragons: Inside the Targaryen Creationgives you a broader glimpse into the behind-the-scenes process.

As for HBO, the network isn’t a long shot at this new prequel series and its creator Ryan Condal. Uka game of thrones Talk? We don’t have an answer to that question, but his Westerosi news roundup today provides information on all of these developments and more.

This new ‘home’ book spills all the tea

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for every possibility, House of the Dragon became worthy of game of thrones Name it and soar higher than its predecessor in certain areas. Creating a masterpiece is never an accident. It usually turns out that many elements have to work together and be in perfect sync to bring you your next TV obsession. House is undoubtedly a masterpiece, so if you want to know exactly how they made it, check out this new hardcover book for “exclusive insights and secrets from the show’s ambitious shoot.” You can know all the details including. Check out some preview pages here.

Why does Aricent hate Laenira?

Olivia Cooke as Aricent Hightower on HBO's 'House of the Dragon'

in many respects House About two similar but very different characters who must make the best of this volatile landscape, as well as a kingdom ready to boil into chaos and strife from within.Rhaenyra and Alicent We started this journey as best friends. but now they are very bitter rivals It feels as if they’ve had it all their lives. The fate of the Seven Kingdoms depends on the balance of this divided relationship. game of thronesthere is no reconciliation at the end of this turbulent road.

HBO extends deal with ‘House’ showrunner Ryan Condal

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Among dozens of creatives who pitched their ideas to HBO, it was Ryan Condal who finally saw the light of day. now, House Having managed to stick the landing and become an absolute sensation, it makes sense that the network is looking to expand its relationship with Condal. According to a Deadline reportHBO has renewed the showrunner’s overall contract and hopes to work with him for years to come.

That’s all for now, but we’ll bring you more information tomorrow as we get closer to the 8th House The final episode featuring an outing, or time jump.

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