Rob Zombie Reacts to ‘Halloween’ Memes and Reveals if He’s Seen Green’s Trilogy

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Not a lot of praise, but David Gordon Green’s terrifying ending Halloween Trilogy — an appropriate title halloween ends – teeth receive a strong backlash Audiences and critics alike Halloween Excitement…disappointment.the green trilogy Halloween (2018), ignoring all other sequels in the timeline and picking up the location of the original instead. Halloween (1978) stopped. Rob Zombieits remake Halloween (2007) is often considered worse than the worst Halloween III: Season of the Witch Also Halloween 5: Revenge of Michael Myershas been Celebrate contributions to the franchise Horror fanatics sing completely different tunes.

of Halloween (2018), played by the incomparable Jamie Lee Curtis, as Laurie Strode, a drunken recluse drowning in paranoia and preparing for an epic showdown with Michael Myers, who escaped Smith’s Grove Mental Asylum where he was imprisoned for 40 years. became.of halloween kills (2021), sequel Halloween (2018), Michael — presumed dead — returns in retaliation and massacres Haddonfield residents. finally, halloween ends (2022) The Boogeyman gets just dessert for the terror that has ruled the once-peaceful town for years.

A Rob Zombie remake and its sequel have long been considered, Halloween II (2009), Halloween Franchise indefinite. however, halloween ends The zombie entry is back in the spotlight. In fact, Zombie himself shared one of several memes created in his honor, stating:[He’s] In the wake of these attacks, it continues to go crazy.

I’ve been bombarded with these and it keeps getting crazier.

Contributor Rob Zombie upon Monday, October 24, 2022

In the same breath, Zombie shared a little reference. He hasn’t seen David Gordon Green’s entries at all, so he doesn’t have an opinion on them. He even elaborated that working on his own film was so intense that he was burned out.

As is professionally known, Zombie married Sheri Moon Zombie in 2002 and released one of his most famous films a year later. house of 1000 corpses (2003). The now 57-year-old is a founding member and lead singer of his heavy metal band His White Zombie, but has also dabbled in filmmaking for decades.his latest venture munsters (2002), which stars his wife as Lily Munster, though the remake is unlikely to be remembered as fondly as him. Halloween Especially because it did not live up to the expectations of the audience.

whether you are interested in seeing munsters, can be found on Netflix. moreover, halloween ends Currently showing in theaters.

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