Rumors Spark Debate if Adam Driver Would Be A Good Doctor Doom

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If Marvel can make money from the rumors coming out of the studio, they’ll probably double their income. Adam Driverreportedly met with superhero studios for an upcoming role. fantastic four movie. Fans were quick to jump on the idea that Driver was looking to play the iconic Marvel villain, but opinions on this possible casting are a bit divided.

Adam Driver has quickly become one of the most desired actors of our generation. His works like rom-coms what ifdramas like marriage story When house of guccito huge franchises like Star Wars Always great. He’s been able to bring his depth and gravitas even to smaller projects like when he was hosting his SNL that left the regular cast in tears when he brought his depth and gravitas to the most ridiculous sketches. bring the game.

Fans casting Driver in the role of Fantastic Four’s arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom, have become a rumor mill.

Doctor Doom is one of Marvel’s greatest villains, featuring characters with Thanos and Magneto-like complexity, cunning, and the ability to carry out evil plans. Anyone who takes on that role is likely to remain in the MCU for some time. Many comparisons have been drawn between the latest Doom role and his role as Kylo Ren. Star Wars Trilogy.

But people forget the old adage, don’t count chickens before they hatch. At this stage, it’s just a rumor of unknown origin, and there have been many rumors in the past that the driver will join the MCU. As it stands, we don’t know what will happen with the Fantastic Four. We don’t even know who will be playing the famous character, let alone an enemy that may or may not be Doctor Doom.

Fans are pretty divided over the news, with many rejoicing at the idea of ​​seeing him join the MCU.

Some have already created and shared artwork of what he would look like as the infamous villain.

Many feel that Driver’s brand of acting takes the character to a higher level.

Many are in favor of the actor’s casting in this role.

But let’s wait for the horses for a moment. We’re all just assuming it’s Doctor Doom, and there are plenty of other characters that need casting.

Despite their love for Driver, some people aren’t keen on seeing him in this role.

One of the big issues for many people is that the ethnicity and background of an actor is important to a character. Roma’s Doctor Doom is a historically marginalized and persecuted racial/ethnic identity within Europe, and the character confronts it in his own backstory. I would like to express this more accurately with the actors who appear in

Even if he was cast as a villain, or even in the movie, there are other villains out there that he could play.

This rumor is just a rumor for now, everyone is flying their own suggestions and ideas, so it’s impossible to tell what’s true and what’s not. The best way to get past the pun that ‘s latest movie is absolutely meant to be is to wait for Marvel to confirm it for themselves.

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