Sequel-Teasing Dwayne Johnson Hypes ‘Black Adam’ as ‘The Big Set Up for the Future’

Via Warner Bros.

Dwayne Johnson has to be considered Hollywood’s greatest hype man, with the actor’s boundless charisma and boundless enthusiasm making him one of the most powerful weapons in his arsenal.of black adam The star can sell just about anything to anyone, but when it comes to the DCEU’s box office chart-topping sequel, he may not have to try too hard.

Critics may have burned down Jaume Collet Serra’s superhero blockbuster. But audiences loved it more than twice as muchand Rock has never been shy about shouting from a rooftop that he was making a movie only for packed theaters around the world.

The post-credits scene also generated a lot of additional buzz, with it being speculated that Henry Cavill only signed a one-shot deal to return as Superman… Either way, Johnson certainly thinks so. He’s responding to fans on Twitter by teasing that he’s just getting started on what’s next.

It’s only a matter of time before Superman and Black Adam go nose-to-nose in a more substantial setting, and we can guarantee that longtime DCEU supporters will lose their minds when that happens.

After all, two big beefy guys slapping meat with their superpowers were destined to leave a trail of massive destruction in their wake, and given their similar skill sets and abilities, the Man of Steel and The Man in Black will do a metaphorical dick measurement. Determine who is the most powerful hero in the franchise – perhaps while Zachary Levi’s Shazam eats popcorn or something on the sidelines.

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