‘Star Wars’ Stans Applaud a Fan Favorite for Keeping His Emotions in Check for Two Decades

one of the most disturbing things about Star Wars The universe is Order 66 (which, as you know, sent Anakin on a slaughter involving Jedi youths). As the Empire seeks to wipe out all Jedi, one person has remained surprisingly loyal to the cause while in the Galactic Senate with the Empire: Bail Prester Organa (played by Jimmy Smits). .

subreddit fan r/star wars I took a moment out of my busy schedule to praise the character and applaud him for knowing about the Knights and not blowing his cover as a rebel for 20 years.

User InstructionLeading64 started with:

For starters, Order 66 branded all Jedi as traitors and ordered their extermination. Senator Organa knew about this, but somehow never let anyone in the Galactic Senate know that he was working with both factions.

in fact it may not Have A rebel without his poker face, user bigassiduous points out:

User Chris-raegho pointed out that he was so good at playing both sides that he wasn’t even considered a traitor by the empire.

“He was so good at it that officially the Empire only classified him as a suspected rebel and never had any evidence against him. It just so happened that the rebels kept stealing it, and it wasn’t enough to get him arrested or deported.”

User AnyNamesLeftAnymore pointed out that Organa had to swallow and digest a large amount of bs during her tenure.

“I don’t know if anyone in the Southwest world has had to put up with more bullshit than this guy,” they said.

User ASUDom17 said what we all think. “I hope he shows up in his Andor!”

Because of what he witnessed during the attack on the Jedi Temple, said TheHelpfulChangeling.

“And given that he may have been the only former Republic senator to witness the end of the attack on the Jedi Temple. I tried to fight with

The OP pointed out that having Organa in that position definitely worked for the Rebels.

of whole thread Even if you don’t get a definitive answer, it’s worth checking.

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