‘Surrogate’ Is a Chilling Ghost Story Filled With Strong Characters and Palpable Dread

“There are no monsters” These are the words parents often use to reassure their children that there is nothing to fear when the lights go out. Human monsters wander the city at any time.

For single mother Natalie (Kesti Morassi), the danger is breaking through her walls. It’s a spooky spirit. Dangerous, invisible, and has her sights set on her daughter Taisha (Rose Paxton).Natalie also feels the wrath of this vengeful ghost and deals with her physical and mental injuries. Surrogate Tests the limits of those who can’t stand the sight of blood.

from exorcist To Insidiousthe “Children in Danger” supernatural film is a permanent fixture in the horror genre. Surrogate It works really well because it takes time to build the characters, the story, the stakes and the scares. The best supernatural horrors are just as effective as drama.Because they’re stories about living land characters, as much as the spirits that haunt them. Surrogate Together with Beth King, we use this knowledge to create a truly spooky ghost story that delves into the depths of the love a mother has for her child.

Morassi who previously starred Wolf Creek The streaming series provides a raw emotional depiction of the psychological and physical effects of Natalie’s being possessed by an eerie spirit.

Natalie’s rational mind struggles to comprehend the horrors that befell her family until she gives in to a different approach. Cue what are the candidates for the scariest scene of the year as it tries to communicate with the spirit in a setup reminiscent of the game.

With mirrors on either side and a flickering candle in the middle, Eva’s pink dress collides admirably with a stark gray aesthetic that evokes a self-introducing spirit, but this petrifying poltergeist likes to play games. It’s a deeply creepy sequence that Willing performs with just the right amount of restraint and pacing.

As Surrogate Delving into murder mystery territory, the film’s palpable horror wears off. Still, Willing’s handling of the material and Morassi’s convincing lead performance are so strong that there’s no doubt that the aftermath will haunt you long after the credits roll.

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