The Jury Remains Out on Whether an Ambitious Sci-Fi Flop Was Ahead of Its Time, or Just Plain Dreadful

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As technology continues to evolve rapidly, countless sci-fi movies, TV shows, comics and novels that would have seemed incredible in the not too distant past have turned into foresights to something similar. Circling around as a glimpse of the light. the future we live in. 13th floor has evolved into such a movie, does it really hold up?

Co-written and directed by Joseph Rusnak, with Roland Emmerich on board as a producer, this ambitious silliness was a widely beloved and insightful film when it was first released in May 1999. It was seldom praised as It earned a million budget from theaters and an overwhelming 30% rating for him on Rotten Tomatoes.

but, 13th floor On Reddit’s latest forum, an overlooked and barely noticeable effort has been put back under the microscope of re-evaluation.

13th floor
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It’s nearly impossible to try to summarize the plot without getting caught in a knot or revealing major spoilers, but the easiest way to put it is: 13th floor It revolves around a computer scientist running a 1937 VR simulation. A computer scientist is pinned as the prime suspect in a murder when he wakes up next to a bloody shirt, not knowing what happened to his friend or colleague. , mentor.

From there, our intrepid heroes dive deep into a simulated reality to try and uncover the case. The story unfolds at various points in time, 1937, 1999 and 2024, with the cast moving through different eras as different characters. , makes the audience question what is actually real and what is happening inside a computer-generated world.

hard science fiction supporters defend 13th floor But there are many others who are more confused, confused and disappointed than anything else.

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