The Perfect Director To Take On ‘Blade’ Has Just Landed in Marvel’s Lap

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The MCU’s first “special presentation” hits Disney Plus today. werewolf of the nightand horror-minded Marvel fans love it. blade The reboot was announced in 2019, WbN It perfectly showcased that corner of the MCU and delivered a spooky, gory, and funny thrill ride.

Given that, the choice of who should perform the aforementioned instructions blade The movie seems clear now. Since then, the future of Mahershala Ali’s vehicle has been shrouded in mystery. Bassam Tariq has finished production Early this month.but after watching werewolf of the nighteveryone is saying the same thing: Kevin Feige, hire Michael Giacchino blade Right at this moment.

Just leave the entire monster side of the MCU to Jacquino.

Hurry up, Kevin.

Certainly highly rated.

WbN It definitely has a unique visual flavor.

People on Reddit say the exact same thing…

He was born for that job.

can blade Would you like a monochrome monster mash too?

After Tariq quit the movie, put together a scriptvarious well-known directors have been linked to the project. including Spike Leeso Marvel might want to commission blade For a very experienced pair of hands. Jacquino, on the other hand, may be a prolific composer, but this was his first major filmmaking effort, so sadly he may only have an outside chance to claim the gig.

Yet behind it werewolf of the nighthoping Marvel will put him back behind the camera soon, even if the cameras aren’t on blade — Scheduled for November 2023.

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