The R-Rated Version of ‘Black Adam’ Is Quickly Becoming the New Snyder Cut

Via Warner Bros.

Dwayne Johnson has only appeared in two age-restricted projects in the last decade, so he’s no longer trending in R-rated movies. empire state Most were released directly to video. But the internet doesn’t care.The campaign is a more brutal version of black adam made available to the public.

Only last night did the team behind the impending DCEU blockbuster reveal it The first edit required four cuts at the MPAA. It sounds as though Johnson has delivered on his promise to superhumanly push the boundaries of what’s possible before PG-13 was approved for release.

The actor and producer has made the right moves behind the scenes and in the public eye. lashed out at his desire to give people exactly what they wantedwho says it will never be real black adam Finishing off something that promises to be lucrative at the box office.

Either way, the DCEU fandom is already desperate to see a grittier edge to the titular antihero, whether it finally happens on the big screen, home video, or even HBO Max. It became clear.

Of course, Zack Snyder’s Justice League Ultimately it pays dividends, and Johnson already has a new Warner Bros. Discovery structure. Much more open to suggestions than its predecessor. Fingers crossed, so in case of R designation black adam It exists, but I hope it doesn’t take 5 years to drop.

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