The Sequel to a Record-Breaking R-Rated Horror Creates a New Cult on Disney Plus

Via Rapi Films

Disney Plus has augmented its library with a vast array of titles not normally associated with a family-friendly company, thanks to Mouse House’s unstoppable desire to spice up the entertainment sector as much as a human being can. I’ve seen you.Add now Devil’s Slave 2: Fellowship on that list.

To be fair, the first chapter It has made quite an impact on the streaming service’s viewership charts At the beginning of summer, the follow-up had big shoes to step into. in the end, Satan’s slave sold more tickets than any other Indonesian film released in 2017 and surpassed the Hong Kong box office, making it the highest-grossing local horror to date.

devil's slave 2 fellowship
Via Rapi Films

However, going one step further, communion became the highest-grossing first-day hit in the Indonesian market and the second-largest domestic hit of 2022. devil’s slave 2 now has its sights set on conquering the on-demand realm.

street flick patrolwriter-director Joko Anwar’s supernatural chiller exploded in popularity on D+ and even cracked the top 25 in the world. , and yet it doesn’t manage to keep demonic entities and otherworldly shenanigans at bay.

Disney Plus isn’t usually the streamer you’d expect to be overwhelmed by the terrifying, but Devil’s Slave 2: Fellowship It continues to follow in the footsteps of its illustrious predecessor in many ways.

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