The Thirteenth Doctor Is Already Set to Return as a Terrible ‘Star Trek’ Movie Inspires Undeserved Praise

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Come join us as we boldly go where we’ve never been before—our first daily sci-fi news roundup. Jodie Whittaker final. Doctor Who . in the meantime, Star Trek Fans will find their favorite in one of the franchise’s worst entries. In the words of Captain Christopher Pike, a hit!

Jodie Whittaker is determined not to give up Doctor Who eternally

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If Jodie Whittaker gets her way, the Thirteenth Doctor won’t be off screen for long.outgoing actress she admitted to being ‘devastated’ If she doesn’t get the chance to return to Whoniverse in the next few years. She’s already reached out to upcoming showrunner Russell T. Can we expect her to make an appearance as part of the 60th anniversary celebration next year? Who Do you know?

Star Trek Fans riot, trying to restore film’s critically tarnished reputation

Star Trek: Rebellion
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1998s Star Trek: Rebellion no one’s favorite Trek The film, which scored on Rotten Tomatoes with just 55% of its critics, as evidenced by an even weaker 44% audience score. I decided to revive it. Roster of Redditors Seemed admiring through rose-tinted glasses Riot to feel more authentic next generation than most of the other Picard companies.The movie, even if it lacks the best pop Trek Must provide.

E.T. Icons reflect the box office performance of two of the biggest sci-fi movies of all time.

ET film
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In the summer of 1982, we happened to see two of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, let alone that decade, face off at the box office. And they came from the same studio. In commemoration of the 40th anniversary, E.T. Star henry thomas looked back On How Steven Spielberg’s Favorite Beats John Carpenter’s Originality case The remake, claiming that Universal actually thought the latter film was a surer bet, E.T. Even if it was something that ended up calling home with a ton of cash, it was a bit of a risk.

STREAMING SPOTLIGHT: Dwayne Johnson hits the charts again with blockbuster video game blockbuster

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Dwayne Johnson is back in theaters this weekend in DC black adamit’s no surprise that streaming audiences are visiting again Another blockbuster of questionable quality Starring The Rock. i.e. Rampagethe 2018 video game movie features Megastar teaming up with a giant albino gorilla to stop two other mutated beasts from destroying Chicago. In other words, Shakespeare isn’t this, but it doesn’t stop Rampage from currently climbing the streaming chartslike people are hungry for more rock and roll action.

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