‘V/H/S/85’ Gets Release Date, MCU, and ‘Hellraiser’ Talent

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The Fear Train proved relentless last year. No, pearl, halloween endsand everything in between and beyond spoiled fans like never before.

And the train seems to be roaring into next year.we already anticipate MaXXXineTi West’s conclusion X The trilogy is taking the world by storm, and now Shudder offers even more 2023 teasers with the fifth installment. V/H/Sthe hit horror anthology series that first rolled up in 2012, and its latest installment, V/H/S/99is set for an October 20 release and hopes to emulate the record-breaking ratings achieved by its predecessor. V/H/S/94.

In fact, according to Shudder’s official Twitter account, in 2023 V/H/S/85with entries from horror powerhouses such as Scott Derrickson (doctor strange black phone) When V/H/S Veteran David Bruckner (Hellraiser, Nighthouse), as if the franchise hadn’t earned a magnetic reputation on its own.

Names joining Derrickson and Bruckner include Gigi Saul Guerrero (devilish hispanic), Natasha Kermani (lucky), and Mike P. Nelson (Wrong Direction, Domestics).

With the plethora of hype already at our disposal, horror fans around the world have happily added more.

Derrickson’s name in particular seems to have the intended effect.

But for some people, Derrickson and Bruckner aren’t even the main attraction.

Given that 2022’s Horror Gems are unfolding, it looks like the good news for the genre is going to be better than any day.

V/H/S/85 Exclusive release on Shudder in 2023.

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