Vin Diesel May Have Spoiled a Surprise ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Project While a ‘Deadpool’ Star Burns Their Bridges

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A Handy Guide to Secure Your Participation marvelBad Book, the two stars of the MCU Multiverse have made several comments that likely lead to varying degrees of trouble in the studio. may slap guardian of the galaxy secret while dead pool The actor confirmed that he was blacklisted from the upcoming threequel for openly defaming Ryan Reynolds.

Is Groot heading for Planet X on his own? Guardian A spin-off movie?

I am Groot Magnum Opus
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Let’s start with the positive.Dominic Toretto himself finally got to thank his fans for watching i am groot On social media Disney Plus. and by doing so, He may have ruined Marvel’s careful plans Offering Groot his own film, as he hinted at the possibility of a film set on Planet X, home of the Talking Tree. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 You may also learn about Planet X in the film, as it explores the origins of rockets.looks like vin is trying to his old trick again.

Fans say a good disposition as a franchise mainstay will keep them from coming back deadpool 3

deadpool 2
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TJ Miller played the character Weasel in the first two films dead pool The movie, after allegations ranging from assault to sexual misconduct to transphobia were made against him in 2019, a little bit of casting we learned later was perfect. It was never possible. deadpool 3then, but now he claims He never wants to work with Ryan Reynolds again — as if it were his choice — the fandom rejoices in the good news.

Who will be the next Marvel hero after Mjolnir without Jane? Thor Theorists have an idea…

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We all expected Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor to go on for a while, but Thor: Love and Thunder Killed Jane Foster instead. So now fans are wondering: Who will pick up Mjolnir next? Some options that float include Sam Wilson and Kamala Khan, but the most popular contender seems to be Moon Knight. Who knows, it could happen…

She-Hulk Star crosses fingers (webbed) for dream crossover

Leap Frog She-Hulk
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in us unlikely to continue The weakest supervillain in MCU history. She-Hulks leapfrog, series guest star Brandon Stanley revealed He’s very much hoping to return to the franchise soon, but next time he wants to cross paths with a different hero: Spider-Man. Eugene Patiglio turned out to be wrong, lawyerperhaps Peter Parker could help him see the error of his ways and spice up the redemption storyline.

Stay tuned for our next roundup of Marvel news, Groot groupies, on Sunday!

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