Viral Trend Sees Horror Fans Revealing Their Personalities Through Their Favorite Spooky Spectacles

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horror Fans are flocking to Twitter as just another fan. A viral trend emergesIts origins are unknown, but the “10 horror movies to get to know me” trend continued, with fans constantly listing their favorite horror features, from cult classics to modern reinventions. . Just in time for Halloween, hundreds of attendees are eager to share a piece of themselves in the form of the most beloved spooky movie.

Gone are the days of the personality theory created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, INFPs and INFJs are one of about 16 personality types available. Instead, modern times have gone further and opted to base personality decisions on horror movie tastes. It’s not about the quirks, it’s about which horror movies they’re associated with.

In no particular order, participants list “10 horror movies to get to know me” and either make friends or enemies based on their preference.

Even personal preference has its controversies.Some choices were considered controversial, like Tom Six’s belly-churning of human centipede 2 (2011), but many questions have been raised over the acute shortage of unruly relics such as case When chin on some people’s list. Well, to each. Filling 10 slots is not always easy. In fact, many insiders “forgot to add (blank)” to their tweets or “Oh, (blank)! I totally forgot about that.” And suddenly, 10 entries seems like a lot, but it’s really not enough.

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