Warner Bros. Reveals That The ‘DCEU’ Will Now Simply Be ‘DCU’

Image via Warner Bros.

of DC The movie franchise is undergoing a major overhaul. The DCEU era is over and we are about to enter a new era… DCU. Inspired!

This comes after Warner Bros. announced Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn When peacemaker Produced by Peter Safran Newly formed DC Studios Division, essentially the studio’s answer to Kevin Feige.

Around hollywood reporter, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has released a statement about the future of the superhero franchise with Warner Bros. and how they welcomed Gunn and Saffron to the team. He also revealed that the franchise is now called “DC Universe” or “DCU”. This means that the “DCEU” no longer exists.

“DC has some of the most interesting, powerful, and iconic characters in the world. Excited to oversee the direction.

“With their decades of filmmaking experience, close ties to the creative community, and track record of thrilling superhero fans around the world, they have developed a long-term strategy across film, television and animation that It’s the next level of creative storytelling for iconic franchises.”

The sudden clarification of the franchise’s name shocked fans on social media. Still, some people have begun to welcome the change with open arms. many Better than the DCEU.

DCU operations will remain the same as they will continue to be filmed in and out of the DC Universe timeline. Future DC movie titles are reportedly in the hands of Gunn and Saffron.

Meanwhile, current and existing projects will be sent to DC Studios’ other producers. Warner Bros. hopes this new era of his DC movie franchise featuring Gunn and Saffron will keep fans entertained as they work to bring these superheroes back to life on the big screen.

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