We Now Know What Happened to ‘She-Hulk’s Lost Episode as the MCU Maybe Finds Its First X-Men Member

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And here we are, true believers, reaching both the end of another week and the beginning of the latest marvel News summary.Today we find ourselves still unpacking nuggets of sensational wisdom and conspiracy She-Hulknot to mention the exciting possibility that we may have found one perfect candidate for Marvel’s rebooted team of X-Men. , fans are conspiring to turn everyone into an MCU cult.

The Strange Story of the Missing Episode 10 She-Hulk

Daredevil She-Hulk
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She-Hulk: Lawyer We just wrapped up a nine-part season earlier this month, but there’s something odd about it. When first announced, the series was fixed to have 10 episodes. So what happened here? A secret additional episode scheduled to be broadcast at a later date was produced, Netflix did in DC Sandman? Unfortunately not, Director Kat Coilo at least got clean As for why the number of episodes ended up in the single digits. See you next time.

Fan favorite wants to be Rogue after endless X-Men rumors

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After years of fan requests after John Krasinski actually played Mr. Fantastic, the next dream the fandom wants to realize is Keke Palmer cast as Rogue Marvel’s inevitable x men reboot. It remains unofficial at this point, but after interest in this casting exploded this summer, of No the stars have now revealed If Kevin Feige offered her the role of the power-sucking Southern Belle, she would jump at the opportunity.

Benedict Wong went on to win Phase 4. This time he was a perfect gentleman.

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We all know Wong is King of Phase 4 onscreen, but it turns out Benedict Wong owns it offscreen too. Six-inch actress who has served as a double She-Hulkemphasizes doctor strange 2 was a star Absolutely peach to work with, as we all want. Apparently, that’s the real secret why Wong has been in the franchise for the past few years. Because everyone loves spending time with him.

Want to impress your friends with that Marvel feel? Method is as follows…

The internet is editing Linkin Park into a movie
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Anyone reading this article would be hesitant at the idea of ​​going through life without staying up to date with all things Marvel, but there are still sad individuals who haven’t enjoyed the MCU’s accomplishments. It’s every fan’s job to help those in need, so Marvel aficionados are debating which films to use to get their novice friends into the franchise. options they came up with It’s the perfect roadmap for turning outsiders into full-fledged followers.

come back here on saturday She-Hulk Supporters, for your next journey with Marvel Express.

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