A Black and White Edit of a Mediocre Horror Sequel Instantly Makes It Ten Times Better

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long term Friday the 13th The franchise is still going strong more than 40 years after the original premiered in 1980. The latest in the franchise was his 2009 remake of the same name, but since then there’s been no progress since the lawsuit debacle with the original film. Director/Producer Sean S. Cunningham and Writer Victor Miller.Although there were lawsuits End December 2021 I can’t see a solution.Since then there have been no updates regarding anything new Friday the 13th Being one of the movies, the franchise has been stuck in purgatory for several years.flat Friday the 13th: The Game couldn’t release more content during the legal battle, so there hasn’t been much love for the Slasher franchise these days. Besides, the handful of lackluster sequels haven’t exactly given the franchise a good foundation to build on.

Released by Tom McLoughlin in 1986, six years after the original. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason LivesTom Matthews as Tommy Jarvis and CJ Graham as Jason Voorhees. Taking over the event of the previous work, Friday the 13th: A New Beginningin the sixth installment, Tommy Jarvis accidentally resurrects notorious serial killer Jason Voorhees and must overcome his fear to defeat Jason once and for all. , it wasn’t a “one-off,” as Jason is back for another sequel. Friday the 13th Part VII: New Blood, Two years later. Still, dramatic effect.longtime fan of Friday the 13th is clearly torn by whether Part VI A worthy sequel. Some will vote against it, others will agree entirely—it depends on who you ask.

Thankfully @ErickLorinc kindly provided us with an incentive to give Part VI Another try.It’s not clear if Eric made the edits, but thousands of fans agree Jason Lives much easier to see. That’s not all, but the noir effect actually adds suspense to many key scenes, so if McLoughlin signs on to direct another sequel in the future, he’ll probably have to take notes. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Enjoy these precious 30 seconds in black and white:

Judging by the swarm of comments, all Jason Nutts agree that the black and white version is the way forward. Friday the 13th franchise.

Maybe we’ll get a theatrical release once this nasty lawsuit is finally swept under the proverbial rug Friday the 13th A movie intentionally in black and white for our viewing pleasure. If not, Jason Lives You can enjoy it this way (and other horror movies of your choice) by desaturating your TV to zero. You can thank me later.

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