A Time Traveling Serial Killer Sci-Fi Alters the Course of History on Streaming

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Via New Line Cinema

I love serial killer thrillers, time travel movies, and sci-fi, so in the 2000s the three combined to create frequency Despite its individually popular parts, it did not come close to box office success as expected.

Gregory Hoblit’s high-concept genre film wasn’t a bomb, but it made $68 million on a $31 million budget, so it was far from an outright blockbuster. But reviews continue to be solid to this day, with the murder mystery of a generation boasting Rotten Tomatoes scores of 70% and 81% from critics and audiences respectively.

Via New Line Cinema

More than 20 years later, he embarked on a journey to salvation through streaming and changed the course of history. flick patrol Reveal grossly underestimated and unfairly forgotten frequency As one of the most watched features on iTunes’ global watchlist over the weekend.

Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid star as a father and son who are 30 years apart, and the former was able to talk to his old man in the past via an old radio. warned the latter of the untimely deaths, which set off a chain reaction that would ripple through the decades, encouraging families to move apart over time and work together to prevent the same killer from committing an entirely different series of atrocities. be forced.

It’s a headache, but with strong performances across the board from the ensemble cast and a solid handle on the mechanics of its own plot device, frequency It’s a shame more people aren’t singing its praises, but it’s a unique entry into each genre it falls into.

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