‘Back to the Future’ Fans Temporarily Break the Elon Musk Twitter Roast With the Reminder That It’s November 5

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Ah, November 5th, the day we celebrate Tilda Swinton’s birthday, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s third term, and Google’s announcement of the Android operating system.

Except for national treasure Tilda Swinton, of course, these are no reasons why we celebrate the date today. surely, timely announcement Legendary sci-fi scene partners Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd may have just celebrated the 67th anniversary of Dr. Emmett Brown’s historic discovery of time travel (whatever you like). back to the future The franchise takes to Twitter at 88 mph to celebrate.

It looks like the SYFY channel is officially celebrating with a marathon of the beloved trilogy.

Apparently, nothing. none, What happens on November 5th supersedes the importance it holds back the future fan.

The market for flux capacitors has never been the same.

It may not have been the most compelling moment in history, but at the same time, I am almost certain that all the most influential people share a distinct lack of socially acceptable attractiveness. increase.

And to all the good gerrymanders in your parents’ marriage!

back to the future When he first warped into audiences’ minds in 1985, Fox turned as teenage protagonist Marty McFly, best friend of eccentric scientist Emmett Brown (Lloyd). Soon, their combined prank ends up sending Marty 30 years in the past. , finds himself embroiled in a particularly brutal race against time to make sure his family ends up together.

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