‘Barbarian’ Director Reacts to the Huge Success of the Headline-Grabbing Horror

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This year is probably Jordan Peele’s No There was a trailer as auspicious as the trailer for savageThe film, Zach Kregor’s solo directorial debut, completely grabbed critics’ love and box office success. In fact, predicting what could happen from a sleeper hit is like winning the lottery.

The film’s many twists and turns and mysteries were just one aspect of it’s rightful success. The impeccable casting, refreshing script, and careful care that went into handling its themes have kept many viewers coming back for more.Now streaming debuts on HBO Max and Disney Plus. has introduced Cregor’s work to an even wider audience, and it seems destined to cement itself as one of the year’s most beloved horror films.

If savage Cregor himself is in the same boat as he was able to exceed our expectations.His humble desire to show he was real was met with an outpouring of overt love he never imagined. discuss movieshe revealed that the only indicator of success on this film had to do with whether the studio would trust him with another film after the fact. Did.

“The only measure of success that I could really hope for was that someone would see it and trust me enough that they would allow me to make another movie. , the idea that this came out theatrically and people really responded to it and it went viral and it went viral.

savage is currently streaming on HBO Max in the US and Disney Plus internationally via the streaming service’s Star bundle.

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