DCU Fans Are Not Convinced James Gunn Can Solve the Superman Problem

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Recently, black adam Overgrown boys and ordinary fans around the world were given what they always wanted with his return Superman to the DCU. Henry Cavill is happy to be back, but some say his hero is too perfect for the franchise.

A fan on Reddit recently posted a take that says he will never succeed and is to blame. It won’t work.

For another, given that Marvel’s DC rivals leaned into their characters with similar backgrounds, the concept doesn’t make sense. That is why we should ignore the ideas of the past.

Then there’s the stuff that doesn’t die when it’s made possible by studio execs and raised by a director who doesn’t deserve a cult-like following, so one user said what Zack Snyder did with the character. Aspiring, he says his view was epic.

Superman’s last solo DCU movie was released in 2013, but there is currently no release date for a new movie featuring the character.It remains to be seen if the new creative team can pick up the slack in previous efforts and make an on-screen equivalent of God interesting, but some are being tried and it could be new version of character may appear in Titans Even on HBO Max.

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