HBO Max Head Hints a ‘Harry Potter’ Original Series Could Be on the Cards

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following the disastrous failure of of fantastic beast franchise, Wizarding World urgently needs some new content. Anyway, Warner Bros. seems to think so. Honestly, Harry potter Fandom is happy to keep watching the original eight films on repeat. negative reaction Studio Chief David Zaslav’s promise to return to Hogwarts has it all.

But don’t expect WB to keep the door to Gringotts closed forever. Sure enough, the person responsible for original content on HBO Max is Harry potter The series may be on its way to streaming services. In an interview with varietyhyped that the platform would be like a post-Discovery merger, executive Sarah Aubrey was asked if there was anything in the works set HP universe. Below is her brief but rich response.

“We are creating new content for our fans and figuring out what to do next.”

Aubrey’s comments came in the wake of Zaslav’s bizarre allegations. i don’t have a studio Harry potter first movie in 15 yearswhich may indicate that the CEO himself went to Hogwarts, where of course he doesn’t teach math.The WBD boss also kept it He’s keen on collaborating with JK Rowling Again with many projects, this time he failed spectacularly at reading the room, suggesting that he never learned to read and write.

even a lot of The original cast is against the idea It’s about stretching the saga, but still the studio doesn’t seem to get the message. Maybe someone should send them a howler.

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