Horror Fans Remain Divided Over One Of The Most Bizarre Body Horror Films In Years

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One of the beauties of art is its ability to evoke intense emotions in the viewer’s eye. Even the shallowest trash can stir the flames of thought. However, sometimes you can only appreciate the idea behind a movie that you reject outright.

Kevin Smith’s irreverent body horror comedy fang Audiences are still struggling to figure out exactly how they feel about the deeply divisive 2014 film, so it’s backed up for a re-evaluation. Born out of a story told, this piece follows Justin Long’s slow descent into an insane transformation.

Always divisive and fans still don’t know what to do with it.

fang I enjoy the ridiculousness of it, especially how nauseating the viewer is. It’s very different from other horror films, focusing solely on making it sickening in a more cerebral way rather than blood and gore.

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Horror Fans Remain Divided Over One Of The Most Bizarre Body Horror Films In Years 5

Perhaps the most poignant analysis fang As a movie, it might be a reaction to something that is intentionally offensive. human centipede A series that stokes a cultural flame with its overt eroticism and body terror. A testament to Smith, he has always looked to parody cultural movements.

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fang It finds some similarities to other body horror movies in that the best way to enjoy it is to go completely blind.Brian Yuzna society How much would you tell someone about a movie that features a very similar endorsement gambit but is completely off track and shocked?

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fang is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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