James Wan Diminishes Hope for ‘The Conjuring’ Spinoff While an Accomplished Director Eyes ‘The Mummy’ Remake

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Forget jolly old St. Nicks or Frosty the snowman. Despite the cooling temperatures and the inclusion of Christmas decorations in the aisles of your local Walmart, the ever-popular horror catalog isn’t quite ready to bow for the holiday season yet. In fact, the spooky genre is as active as ever, with plenty of updates to consider on a daily basis today. horror The roundup here covered this!James Wan Is Rumored In A Lot Of Juicy Updates magic trick He has his sights set on a remake as a competent filmmaker mummy.

So still ring those bells and scuttle through the rubble of the Pipeline of Terror.

mummy May rise from the ashes for an updated reboot

mummy brendan fraser
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The film industry is currently obsessed with the concept of rebooting old films in order to reintroduce stories to younger generations. like a franchise Halloween When exorcist Receive updated reboots and installments. Well, on the table is him in one of the hottest movies of the ’90s. mummyDespite being called an “action-adventure”, many horror fans are comfortable maintaining the idea that the film falls under the horror umbrella. turn a movie into a complete horror remakewe are indeed here.

magic trick‘s James Wan Shuts Down Anticipated Spinoff

James Wan cut off hopes of a major The Conjuring spinoff
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definitely, magic trick Universe has completely reinvigorated the entire horror genre, especially in modern cinema.And seeing that a huge collection of movies began magic trick (2013), it made perfect sense to include various spin-offs to build the narrative. According to Wan’s official Instagram account, the Horror Autor revealed the reason was “out of his control.” The Conjuring 2 He will never receive his own spinoffThe aforementioned character was first announced to receive his own movie in 2017, but unfortunately plans fell through after years. Nun 2.

A black-and-white horror edit adds flavor to the sequel to a forgotten franchise

Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th, 2009
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long-standing Friday the 13th The franchise is one of the most celebrated series in horror, with iconic villain Jason Voorhees leading the charge as a terrifying monster figure. However, a recent black-and-white fan-made edit adds a certain flavor to his one of the franchise’s many installments. The aforementioned editorial showcase the opening sequence of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Jason Voorhees and his nemesis Tommy Jarvis are in a fierce battle. Despite being overtly silly, this edit actually helps the film convey the classic horror movie look of old.

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