‘Ms. Marvel’ Director Tapped In To Bring a Bestselling Fantasy World to Life on Screen

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After the success of Ms. Marvelthe director Meera Menonhas been tapped to join as director of this acclaimed fantasy series adaptation, scoromance trilogy By Naomi Novik. the first of three books, deadly educationheaded to the big screen with Menon at the helm.

The novel revolves around Galadriel “El” Higgins, a half-British, half-Indian magician who attends Scholomance, a school for the practice of dark magic. She must wrestle with destructive forces while learning to control them in order to survive until her graduation. Scholomance isn’t Hogwarts, but it’s a dark place trapped in the void outside reality, where students can be kept safe from monsters while they study. I can’t graduate.

The trilogy was a huge success, with the first book becoming a New York Times bestseller upon its debut. The second and his third were also on his list of New York Times bestsellers, and the second also won the Roadster Hugo Award. The author has written many other great titles, including a Nebula Award winner. uprootednovel spinning silver And a series of 9 volumes, Temerer.

Menon himself is also doing well, and the latest Ms. Marvel Very well received, she was also the director of stockis a critically acclaimed 2016 Wall Street-based financial thriller starring Anna Gunn, James Purefoy, and Alicia Reiner. for all mankindAMC the walking deadand HBO’s Westworld.

This adaptation was brought to Universal by Carly Kleinbart, who is overseeing development on behalf of Todd Lieberman (Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, wonder) and David Hoberman (fighter, wonder). Emily Carmichael (jurassic world dominion) and Shantha Sussman are working on a script adaptation.

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