Multitasking Elon Musk Ruins ‘Star Trek’ as Netflix Finally Makes a Movie Too Awful to Release

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Damn Elon Musk! First, you screw Twitter up, and then you single-handedly explode the credibility of Twitter as a whole. Star Trek franchise. We’ll get to that in a minute, but elsewhere in his sci-fi realm today, Netflix, a platform that’s been offering really dangerous original movies for years, is just too bad to release. It turns out that we finally found the thing. in the meantime, Star Wars Fans will revisit the saga’s most epic moments with new eyes.

Netflix and Blumhouse turn down dystopian martial arts movie

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We know a movie has to be on a whole other level of terrible when both the distributor and the production company throw it away after shooting. what happened in the case of absolute domination, which is very disappointing because this sounds very wild and you really need to see it.Described as a post-apocalyptic martial arts epic, its cast includes: Bill & TedAlex Summer and Patton Oswalt. Are those two in a cage match? Someone pick this up and let’s take a look.

Nice one, Elon, now you messed up Star Trek for us too

Not content to just destroy Twitter from the inside out, Elon Musk has now taken something else away from us — Star Trekreliability.pointed out by Trekkie that one scene discoverfirst season of — This is already one of the most controversial runs The entire franchise — aged like milk after Musk’s reputation took a turn for the worse. The way this reference to SpaceX’s founder backfired, perhaps, indicates that a series set in the 22nd century shouldn’t check modern celebrity names.

jedi story Proved once again that fateful duels are very important

Count Dooku Star Wars: A Jedi Story
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jedi story It wasn’t a completely game-changing slice Star Warsbut it added a lot of texture to Count Dooku, one of the saga’s more underrated villains. Fans point to Qui-Gon’s death as the ultimate event that turned Dooku to the dark side, only adding to how fateful the fight between Jinn and Maul really was. In many respects you call it The biggest turning point in the entire timeline.

Shocking behind-the-scenes footage of four doctors uniting their hearts

And here’s a treat before we go Doctor Who fan. Last month’s “The Power of the Doctor” went above and beyond to celebrate his 60-year history on the show. Bring back as many former doctors as possibleThis stunning behind-the-scenes photo marks the first time the four Time Lords are together. David Bradley (1st Doctor), Colin Baker (6th Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor), and the retiring Jodie Whitaker (13th Doctor).If Starring David Tennantalso this picture would be perfect.

More sci-fi news coming tomorrow, so don’t go anywhere.

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