Namor Stans Lock Horns With Aquaman Loyalists Over Which Underwater Ruler Is More Badass

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of course, Namor fierce war in Black Panther: Wakanda eternallyrequired a heated debate over how mutants would be rated compared to DCU’s Aquaman.

Would you like to compare the history of two psychics?

In the comics, Namor’s mother was a princess of the ancient city of Atlantis. The ancient city of Atlantis is a lost city that historians have sought since Plato created it long ago. So, in addition to being extremely powerful and capable of flight, Namor is also royalty. That means he has an army of loyal soldiers ready to attack on his orders. This is not the case even if you have supernatural powers that can beat Pulp. Wakanda Forever Just a brief taste of the limitless power of mutants.

Aquaman is younger than Namor and DC’s answer to antiheroes. He started out as a weak and timid creature, but started to be taken more seriously. The main difference between the two is that Aquaman is the actual hero and Namor doesn’t tend to exactly upgrade his current stance as an antihero.

When it comes to fans, a battle rages on Twitter between MCU followers and DC characters claiming supremacy. Some people point out that it may be a hurdle that is not possible.

Despite 71% of the earth’s surface being covered in water, most of the action in the world of superheroes takes place on land or in the air. Aquaman has an advantage when it comes to walking on dry land.

This translates to non-Spanish-speaking fans, who take no sides. Actor #TenochHuerta talked about comparing his character in #Namor to #Aquaman in #JasonMomoa. The Mexican said it was an honor to be compared to him and highlighted the beauty of the #DC actor .

Aquaman has a movie. Why not Namor?he’s pretty dominant Wakanda Forever And he could one day become a hero himself. why not? And leave it to your imagination. Let Namor meet Aquaman like they’ve never seen each other swimming around in Atlantis. Or even if there were multiple universes and somehow collided. This can be grand.

Arguments can be very vicious, as the characters already are.If Death battle! When taken seriously, Aquaman wins the fight and Namor is no more. but, Death battle! is a comedy show and this is the real deal. Namor has some skills that Aquaman hadn’t even thought of yet. Does Aquaman have hydrokinesis? See the point?

Then there are the fans who see through everything. By discussing Namor and Aquaman, black adamThere may be no real correlation. But this fan seems to think so.

what slam? One fan thinks Aquaman quit his job because Namor championed the cause too much. Wow! Instead of fighting underwater, he provides water to Spirit Airlines passengers.

Both sides have always had loyal fans. When a fan points out the specifics of Namor being vulnerable in a land where Aquaman has a distinct advantage, that puts it in King Geek terms that could be debated for years. Imagine Sheldon, Leonard, Wolowitz and Raj arguing about it in the living room when Penny, Amy and Bernadette walk in with the Chinese.

Reminds me of the Superman vs Batman debate. It seems crazy that a man in a suit with invented gadgets could beat a man who is faster than a bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and capable of leaping over skyscrapers! It happened. Will someone make a valid argument that ends the debate forever? Or a movie please!

This discussion may just spark a thought in the MC/DC’s head. Could Namor and Aquaman exist in the same universe? Will there be a king, or will the debate stick with fans?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Currently in theaters.

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