One Family Heirloom Has More Kills Than Any Other Lightsaber in ‘Star Wars’

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While it is a franchise firmly aimed at children, Star Wars Delights audiences of all ages. And through all the goofy droids and clumsy Gungans, there’s a surprising amount of violence in that movie and series.

After all, there is war in franchise names. Conflicts are expected. It is inevitable that these wars will involve a great deal of violence, but thankfully the presence of cauterizing weapons tends to minimize the actual bloodshed.

part of the weapon inside Star Wars The canon is truly devastating, and creations like the Death Star literally take the lives of billions in an instant. It can be a devastating tool.

One lightsaber can claim more kills than any other, at least according to a recent post. Star Wars subreddit. User Nemarus advocates for his second lightsaber in Anakin Skywalker to claim the highest number of kills award after being used to terrifying effect for three generations. Star Wars Release.

Anakin’s first saber was destroyed attack of the clonesbut the second weapon he wields—eventually inherited by Luke, and then Rey—has left Sea of ​​Death in its wake. Star Wars The release focuses on the hordes of people Anakin’s saber has killed, thus helping to reinforce Nemalus’ claim.

While this weapon boasts decent kill numbers, commenters were quick to point out that it’s far from the deadliest lightsaber. Star Wars Canon.That title belongs to Anakin Skywalker instead Third The lightsaber he uses as Darth Vader.

A few other saber wielders were also running, according to the commenter, but it’s unlikely that a single weapon can claim Vader’s kill count. but given his very “good” collection of sabers, it’s unlikely he holds as many kills with a single weapon as Vader.

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