The Haunting Breakthrough Hit for a Future Horror Icon Makes Evil Eyes on Streaming

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These days, anyone with even the slightest interest in all things spooky knows all too well who Mike Flanagan is and what he brings to the table, but the public first has a spine-chilling We now know what lies ahead for the next decade of terror.when ten years ago Oculus Scared them into the aisles.

It wasn’t the filmmaker’s first feature, but it was Kickstarter-funded absence, it was his sophomore effort that put him on the map. It made $44 million at the box office on a $5 million budget, Oculus It also drew strong attention from both critics and the public, establishing Flanagan’s penchant for creating unrelenting horror and lurking horror through atmosphere rather than gore.

Oculus - 2013
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Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites play brothers struggling to reunite after a decade after their parents’ brutal and mysterious deaths. She thinks a cursed mirror in the attic is to blame, but he’s spent years in a mental institution and is convinced no supernatural shenanigans were involved. No prizes can be won by guessing.

Flanagan may be a Netflix mainstay, but it’s Paramount Plus. Oculus It has climbed the ranks to become the fifth most-watched title on the platform’s global charts, and has turned the evil eye on its subscribers. flick patrolMore recently you may have seen him prefer episodic narratives to theatrical endeavors, absence To midnight club only reinforced its creator’s credentials as a true icon of modern horror.

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